The Lowdown on Ancestors

by Louise Lang

This book was created as part of Lifescapes,a project of the University of Nevada Department of English, the Northwest Reno Library, and the Nevada Humanities Committee.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Louise Lang

Frandsen Humanities Press
Department of English/o98
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada 89557

Louise at Age 3

My sincerest thanks and a big affectionate hug go to each of the Lifescapes staff for the many hours of gracious assistance, dedication, and inspiration, without which this book would be unfinished even now:  Monica Grecu, Stephen Tchudi, Julie Machado, and Marc Johnson.


1. Family Album
2. Gram Ball and Aunt Alice
3. All About Me
4. Personal Narratives
5. 1938
6. Anecdotes and Memories
7. Nursing School
8. Moving Coast to Coast
9. Kerry's Home Delivery
10. More Memories
11. Journal of the First Windjammer Sailing Trip
12. The Second Windjammer Trip
13. More Tales