"It won't be dull."
A promise kept.

Madeline Kenyon

This book was created as part of Lifescapes,a project of the University of Nevada Department of English, the Northwest Reno Library, and the Nevada Humanities Committee.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Madeline Kenyon

Frandsen Humanities Press
Department of English/o98
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada 89557


My sister Pat and I had often talked about visiting our father's last living cousin to learn something of our McMahon heritage but one thing and another came up and we never did it. Agnes Scholl died at 90 plus, so we had plenty of opportunity. The sudden death of my youngest sister brought my own mortality into sharp focus and I was determined to put together as many facts as I knew for the benefit of my children. My early life just went along with only the immediate family. There must have been cousins and uncles and aunts from my mother's large family but when she moved to New York, she left them behind. My father was an only child and his parents were distant old people seen only on occasional holidays. There is no one else to do this.

As happened many times in my life, fortune smiled upon me when I learned of a project at the Washoe County Library called "Lifescapes" and met Stephen Tchudi at the University . With his encouragement, I have done my best to record the events that make up the person that I am today. I am grateful to Julie Machado at the library for making me join the group and to my long suffering husband who thinks he has another tiger by the tail and promises me my own computer!

Madeline Kenyon
May 2001

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