A Thousand Streams: A Personal History

Rajeswari Chatterjee

May the Earth that bears people speaking varied languages
with various religions enrich us with wealth in a thousand
streams like a milch cow that never fails.
Atharva Veda
(Hindu religious scripture
about two to three thousand years old.)

This book was created as part of Lifescapes,a project of the University of Nevada Department of English, the Northwest Reno Library, and the Nevada Humanities Committee.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Rajeswari Chatterjee

Frandsen Humanities Press
Department of English/o98
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada 89557

Family photograph taken in 1959 in Nanjangud.
Top row, standing: Chandu, Shivaram, Sisir, (Rajeswari's husband), Ramadas.
Middle row, sitting: Seetha, Sara (Chandu's wife), Lalite, Rajeswari, Ratna (uncle Srikantia's granddaughter).
Sitting on the floor: Lakshmi (Seetha's daugher), Jaggu (Seetha's son), Indira (Rajeswari's daughter).


1. 1923 Hirode (French Rocks)
2. 1924 Hirode
3. 1925 Mysore City
4. 1926 Najangud Town
5. 1928-1934 Banglore City School
6. The Mad Horses of Casetta
7. My Cousin Vijaya and I
8. English and American Friends of the Family
9. 1927 Mahatma Gandhi's Visit to Our School
10. 1930s Dasara Festival in Mysore City
11. 1930s Temple Car Festival in Nanjangud
12. 1937-1947 Indian National Independence Movement and World War II
13. 1947 to 1953 U. S. A.