My Roots and Life

Catherine S. Allen


This book was created as part of Lifescapes,a project of the University of Nevada Department of English, the Northwest Reno Library, and the Nevada Humanities Committee.

Copyright 2001 by Catherine Allen

Frandsen Humanities Press
Department of English/o98
University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada 89557

Dedicated to:

My Son Lance
My Sisters and Brothers who have encouraged and advised me
My Mother who has always encouraged me.

Love, Catherine S. Allen


My thanks to:

Dr. Stephen Tchudi
Dr. Monica Grecu
and Marc Johnson

of the Univeristy of Nevada, Reno English Department.

Also, Julie Machado,

the Programs Manager of the Northwest Reno Library, Washoe County Library

Without their guidance and kind encouragement I would never have gotten this far. I feel this is not complete because new memories keep popping up but at least it is a start.


P.S. This is true to my recollection and anyone is welcome to add to them. Please enjoy the colorful use of non-traditional grammar and spelling.

My Roots and Life

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Beginning: "A Letter to Lance that Became a Book"
Chapter 2 - "My Siblings"
Chapter 3 - "My Scholastic Endeavors and Career of Caring"
Chapter 4 - "My Exciting Life with Herbert Bruce Allen"
Chapter 5 - "Continuing Adventures with Lance"
Chapter 6 - "My Latest Adventures"
Chapter 7 - "Reflections"